US Patent No. 10,973,147


Patent No. 10,973,147
Issue Date April 06, 2021
Title Rotatable Cable Holder Module
Inventorship Yaw-Tzorng Tsorng, Taoyuan (TW)
Chun Chang, Taoyuan (TW)
Yi-Huang Chiu, Taoyuan (TW)
Assignee QUANTA COMPUTER INC., Taoyuan (TW)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,973,147

1. A cable holder for retaining cables in a system sled, comprising:a base bracket couplable to the system sled;
a clip holder coupled to the base bracket via a hinge located on two protruding tabs extending perpendicularly from a rectangular body, the clip holder being configured to rotate relative to the base bracket and around a rotational axis, through the hinge between a first lowered position proximate to the system sled and a second raised position substantially distal from the system sled;
a retention clip coupled to the rectangular body of the clip holder and configured to retain a portion of the cables in the system sled; and
a releasable latch having a protrusion operable to engage a first and second openings located on one of the protruding tabs to lock the clip holder into either the first lowered position or the second raised position respectively.