US Patent No. 10,973,136


Patent No. 10,973,136
Issue Date April 06, 2021
Title Display Device
Inventorship Jaehoon Park, Seoul (KR)
Jaekun Kim, Seoul (KR)
Manin Baek, Seoul (KR)
Bosung Lee, Seoul (KR)
Assignee LG ELECTRONICS INC., Seoul (KR)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,973,136

1. A display device comprising:a housing;
a roller located within the housing;
a display panel;
a plate at a rear of the display panel, wherein the plate comprises a plurality of openings configured to provide flexibility of the plate; and
an adhesive layer configured to fix the display panel to the plate,
wherein the display panel and the plate are wound on the roller,
wherein the plurality of openings are arranged in rows and columns,
wherein the plurality of openings comprises first openings disposed in odd numbered rows and second openings disposed in even numbered rows, and
wherein the second openings are offset from the first openings such that the first openings and the second openings are not aligned along a direction of the columns.