US Patent No. 10,973,124


Patent No. 10,973,124
Issue Date April 06, 2021
Title Connector Assembly Having An Adapter To Connect Two Circuit Boards
Inventorship Zhigang Song, Shanghai (CN)
Lin Ni, Shanghai (CN)
Jlahui Chen, Shanghai (CN)
Yunhe Wang, Shanghai (CN)
Songhua Liu, Shanghai (CN)
Assignee Tyco Electronics (Shanghai) Co. Ltd., Shanghai (CN)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,973,124

1. A connector assembly, comprising:an adapter including:
(a) a cylindrical outer conductor having an inner wall;
(b) a columnar center conductor disposed in the outer conductor; and
(c) an insulator disposed between the outer conductor and the center conductor to electrically isolate the outer conductor from the center conductor, the insulator having a cylindrical extending portion and an annular protrusion disposed on the cylindrical extending portion; and
a first receptacle adapted to be assembled onto a first end of the adapter and locked onto the first end of the adapter including:
(a) a cylindrical first outer terminal having a first annular protrusion on an outer wall of a first end thereof and an annular recess in an inner wall of the first end of the first outer terminal, the annular protrusion of the insulator elastically snap-fitting into the annular recess of the first outer terminal portion, and the first outer terminal and the outer conductor only in electrical contact through the first annular protrusion electrically contacting the inner wall of the outer conductor;
(b) a columnar first center terminal disposed in the first outer terminal; and
(c) a first insulation body disposed between the first outer terminal and the first center terminal to electrically isolate the first outer terminal from the first center terminal.