US Patent No. 10,973,087


Patent No. 10,973,087
Issue Date April 06, 2021
Title E-cigarette With A Plurality Of Heating Components
Inventorship Cheng Wang, Guangdong (CN)
Zhidong Zeng, Guangdong (CN)
Mingjing Hu, Guangdong (CN)
Bo Zhou, Guangdong (CN)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,973,087

1. An e-cigarette with a plurality of heating components, comprising a housing and a mouthpiece, wherein the mouthpiece is disposed at one end of the housing, and the e-cigarette further comprises a liquid storage tank, an air passage, and an atomization core, wherein the atomization core comprises a plurality of heating components and a holder, and the liquid storage tank, the air passage, and the atomization core are all disposed inside the housing;wherein e-liquid is stored in the liquid storage tank;
wherein the air passage is disposed between the atomization core and the mouthpiece;
wherein the heating component comprises a ceramic substrate, a heating filament, and connecting terminals, wherein the ceramic substrate is provided with a hollow mini-hole, the heating filament winds around the ceramic substrate, the connecting terminals are disposed at two ends of the ceramic substrate and are electrically connected to the heating filament, and the connecting terminal comprises a terminal through-hole that cooperates with the hollow mini-hole; and
wherein the holder comprises an upper holder, a lower holder, and a connecting plate, and the connecting plate is disposed between the upper holder and the lower holder; an air cavity is formed between the upper holder, the lower holder, and the connecting plate, and the heating component is disposed between the upper holder and the lower holder in a longitudinal direction, to be electrically connected to the upper holder and the lower holder; and the upper holder comprises an upper liquid inlet hole separately communicating with the liquid storage tank and the hollow mini-hole and an upper air hole separately communicating with the air passage and the air cavity, so that the air cavity communicates with the outside.