US Patent No. 10,973,081


Patent No. 10,973,081
Issue Date April 06, 2021
Title Method And System For Using A Situational Network
Inventorship Thomas Cona, Athens, GA (US)
Patrick T. Igoe, Philadelphia, PA (US)
Leonid Kravets, Philadelphia, PA (US)
Edward A. Ehrlacher, Philadelphia, PA (US)
Assignee Resource Consortium Limited, Tortola (VG)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,973,081

1. A server for providing roll call based information, the server comprising:a network controller configured to receive an indication of an occurrence of a situation; and
a profile database for storing user profiles;
a central processing unit, coupled to the network controller, configured to identify a plurality of participant devices, wherein each of the plurality of participant devices is determined to be geographically proximate to the situation;
wherein the network controller is further configured to:
provide a roll call query to each of the plurality of participant devices, wherein the roll call query solicits a response related to a status;
wherein the central processing unit is further configured to:
generate a message board related to the indication, wherein the message board comprises a roll call list that includes the status response to the roll call query; and
update a user profile of a first user based on data indicating an access by the first user of a portion of the roll call list via the message board.