US Patent No. 10,972,994


Patent No. 10,972,994
Issue Date April 06, 2021
Title Timing Adjustment In Cv2x
Inventorship Navid Abedini, Somerset, NJ (US)
Zhibin Wu, Sunnyvale, CA (US)
Junyi Li, Chester, NJ (US)
Sudhir Kumar Baghel, Hillsborough, NJ (US)
Kapil Gulati, Dover, DE (US)
Assignee Qualcomm Incorporated, San Diego, CA (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,972,994

1. A method of wireless communication, comprising:receiving a first timing reference signal and a second timing reference signal at a local device, wherein the second timing reference signal includes an internal timing reference;
receiving a timing indication from a remote device, wherein the timing indication includes a value equaling to twice a propagation delay;
determining the propagation delay by dividing the value by 2;
calculating a timing offset by subtracting an arrival time of the first timing reference signal by the propagation delay;
adjusting the internal timing reference based on the timing offset; and
transmitting a message based on the adjusted internal timing reference.