US Patent No. 10,972,988


Patent No. 10,972,988
Issue Date April 06, 2021
Title Timing Advance Enhancements For Cellular Communications
Inventorship Satish Venkob, Waterloo (CA)
David Philip Hole, Southampton (GB)
Rene Faurie, Versailles (FR)
Remo Borsella, Waterloo (CA)
Werner Karl Kreuzer, Baiern (DE)
Steven Michael Hanov, Waterloo (CA)
Assignee BlackBerry Limited, Waterloo (CA)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,972,988

1. A method comprising:transmitting, from a network, an indication permitting devices to operate in a stationary mode; and
in response to transmitting the indication, receiving, from a device, a first message indicating an initial access by the device to transmit uplink data to the network, wherein the first message comprises uplink data transmitted from the device, and the device has not performed a random access transmission associated with the initial access prior to sending the first message, wherein the first message is transmitted from the device using a valid timing advance (TA) value stored at the device, and the TA value is determined to be valid based on whether a pre-determined time interval has elapsed since the TA value was stored or since the stored TA value has been used for a last successful data transfer.