US Patent No. 10,958,001


Patent No. 10,958,001
Issue Date March 23, 2021
Title Connectors For Low Cost, High Speed Printed Circuit Boards
Inventorship Steven E. Minich, York, PA (US)
Assignee FCI USA LLC, Etters, PA (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,958,001

1. A printed circuit board comprising an edge, the printed circuit board comprising:a connector footprint comprising a plurality of signal vias adjacent the edge, wherein the plurality of vias are disposed in a plurality of columns extending in a first direction perpendicular to the edge from a first end adjacent the edge to a second end, each of the plurality of columns comprising a plurality of pairs of the plurality of signal vias;
each of the plurality of columns comprises:
at least one portion in which the pairs of signal vias have a conductor-to-conductor spacing in the first direction of a first distance;
a gap, free of signal vias, at a location between the edge and the second end, the gap spanning a distance in the first direction greater than the first distance;
the gaps of the plurality of columns align to form a routing channel extending in a second direction parallel to the edge;
the printed circuit board further comprises at least one pair of signal traces routed in the routing channel, the at least one pair of signal traces being connected to a pair of vias in a column of the plurality of columns; and
the gap is between the edge and the first end of the column.