US Patent No. 10,941,928


Patent No. 10,941,928
Issue Date March 09, 2021
Title Carrying Handle For An Automated Moving-mirror Luminaire
Inventorship Tomas Micunek, Roznov pod Radhostem (CZ)
Josef Valchar, Prostredni Becva (CZ)
Assignee Robe Lighting s.r.o., Roznov pod Radhostem (CZ)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,941,928

1. A luminaire comprising:a light source emitting a light beam;
a mirror optically coupled to the light source and configured to tilt and rotate under remote control to controllably deflect the light beam;
a housing having a mirror end face, the mirror end face extending across an axis of the light beam, the mirror located between the light source and the mirror end face, the mirror end face extending across all of a non-reflective side of the mirror, the mirror mounted to the mirror end face and configured for pan and tilt motion relative to the mirror end face; and
a carrying handle fixedly coupled to the housing and located adjacent to the mirror end face of the housing, the carrying handle configured to cause the housing to hang substantially vertically when supported by the carrying handle with the mirror end face at a top end of the hanging housing,
wherein the housing includes a recess located adjacent to the carrying handle, the recess configured to reduce contact between a user's fingers and hand and the housing when the user is grasping the carrying handle.