US Patent No. 10,924,181


Patent No. 10,924,181
Issue Date February 16, 2021
Title Return Path Congestion Mitigation For Satellite Communications
Inventorship Timothy Reed Cooper, Centreville, VA (US)
Bruce Leonard McKinley, South Riding, VA (US)
Scott A. McDermott, Washington, DC (US)
Mark Evan Russell, Pine Grove, CA (US)
David Daugherty, Jackson, CA (US)
Shmuel Shaffer, Palo Alto, CA (US)
Assignee HIGHER GROUND LLC, Palo Alto, CA (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,924,181

1. A method, comprising:determining, by an endpoint communicating device, a level of congestion on a particular return uplink communication path via an intermediate satellite from a plurality of distributed modules to a ground station server of a multiple-access shared communication media satellite communication system, wherein the endpoint communicating device comprises a particular distributed module of the plurality of distributed modules;
determining, by the endpoint communicating device, whether the level of congestion is above a threshold based on an estimated amount of aggregate traffic the plurality of distributed modules are transmitting to the ground station server within a given time period; and
mitigating the congestion, by the endpoint communicating device in response to the level of congestion being above the threshold, wherein mitigating comprises:
determining an uncongested return uplink communication path via a satellite of the satellite communication system from the particular distributed module to the ground station server, ensuring that communicating on the uncongested return uplink communication path would prevent any interference with one or more unintended receivers, and then causing the particular distributed module to use the uncongested return uplink communication path.