US Patent No. 10,924,078


Patent No. 10,924,078
Issue Date February 16, 2021
Title Inversion Of Dynamic Range Control
Inventorship Stanislaw Gorlow, Stockholm (SE)
Assignee Dolby International AB, Amsterdam Zuidoost (NL)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,924,078

14. A method of declipping a clipped audio signal that has been clipped by a dynamic range control, DRC, model, the method comprising:receiving the clipped audio signal;
determining parameters of the DRC model that have been used for clipping the clipped audio signal;
increasing the dynamic range of the clipped audio signal based on the determined parameters of the DRC model,
wherein the DRC model is a soft-knee DRC model or a hard-knee DRC model and is defined by a control value that is applied to an envelope of an input audio signal; and
wherein the control value comprises a constant gain portion and a variable gain portion.