US Patent No. 10,921,806


Patent No. 10,921,806
Issue Date February 16, 2021
Title Moving Robot
Inventorship Hyunsung Kim, Seoul (KR)
Jaewon Song, Seoul (KR)
Assignee LG ELECTRONICS INC., Seoul (KR)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,921,806

1. A moving robot comprising:a main body;
a motor the provides a driving force to move the main body through a driving area;
an image sensor that obtains an image of a region around the main body;
a communication interface that communicates with at least one light device provided in the driving area; and
a controller that:
controls the motor to move the main body,
controls the light device through the communication interface to selectively switch on or off, and
determines a location of the light device based on an illuminance change sensed in the image obtained by the image sensor,
wherein the controller determines the location of the light device while controlling the motor to move the main body in at least one of a first direction in which the sensed illuminance change in the image increases or a second direction in which a sensed illuminance in the image increases.