US Patent No. 10,921,765


Patent No. 10,921,765
Issue Date February 16, 2021
Title Digital Twin Of Centrifugal Pump In Pumping Systems
Inventorship Edward A. Fowler, Houston, TX (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,921,765

1. A method, comprising:receiving, by a controller, a specification curve corresponding to a centrifugal pump;
building and executing, by the controller, a first model of the centrifugal pump, based on the specification curve;
receiving sensor data corresponding to and during the operation of the centrifugal pump;
coupling a viscosity sensor to the centrifugal pump, data from the viscosity sensor processed every scan cycle of the controller to account every said scan cycle of the controller for a varying viscosity of a liquid flowing through the centrifugal pump;
updating the first model according to the sensor data to produce an updated model, and storing the updated model as a digital twin of the centrifugal pump; and
operating the centrifugal pump according to the updated model,
wherein the first model is created by a curve-fitting technique comprising a spline or a polynomial function programmed in the controller, the curve-fitting technique comprising:
receiving, by the controller, the specification curve as an input curve;
taking samples of the input curve, wherein the samples include head values and flow values for a plurality of pump revolutions-per-minute;
defining a number of points of the input curve to plot, wherein the points are the head-flow points;
defining an index number for each of the number of points;
processing each point for an increase in flow; and
creating a curve model of the centrifugal pump from head-flow points, including generating curves, wherein the curve model is used as the first model, and wherein the generated curves are head-flow curves.