US Patent No. 10,919,693


Patent No. 10,919,693
Issue Date February 16, 2021
Title Bulk Material Handling System For Reduced Dust, Noise, And Emissions
Inventorship Bryan Chapman Lucas, Duncan, OK (US)
Wesley John Warren, Marlow, OK (US)
Calvin L. Stegemoeller, Duncan, OK (US)
Austin Carl Schaffner, Duncan, OK (US)
Assignee Halliburton Energy Services, Inc., Houston, TX (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,919,693

1. A system, comprising:a container holding bulk material, wherein the container is portable, and wherein the container stores the bulk material during movement of the container prior to discharge of the bulk material from the container;
a blender having a blender inlet, wherein the blender inlet is a hopper of the blender or a mixing compartment of the blender;
a frame for receiving and holding the container thereon; and
a gravity feed outlet coupled to the frame for routing the bulk material discharged from the container directly into the blender inlet such that the bulk material exits a lower end of the gravity feed outlet directly into the blender inlet;
wherein the container comprises a discharge gate disposed at a lower portion thereof, wherein the discharge gate is selectively actuated to release the bulk material from the container;
wherein the frame comprises a gate actuator disposed thereon for selectively actuating the discharge gate of the container when the container is disposed on the frame, wherein the container is prevented from releasing the bulk material until the container is positioned on the frame and the gate actuator actuates the discharge gate.