US Patent No. 10,919,563


Patent No. 10,919,563
Issue Date February 16, 2021
Title Steering Column For A Motor Vehicle
Inventorship Hieronymus Schnitzer, Gamprin (LI)
Richard Wiebe, Eschen (LI)
Ciprian Paltinisanu, Eschen (LI)
Assignee thyssenkrupp Presta AG, Eschen (LI) thyssenkrupp AG, Essen (DE)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,919,563

1. A steering column for a motor vehicle, comprising:a shell part,
a steering shaft including a longitudinal axis and is mounted rotatably in the shell part,
a guide part configured to hold the shell part,
an energy absorption device operatively disposed between the guide part and the shell part, the energy absorption device including:
a bending wire with a first end section and a second end section, the bending wire coupled to the shell part by the first end section and to the guide part by the second end section,
a rail attached by a side wall to the shell part, and
a pin coupled to the guide part,
wherein the second end section of the bending wire has a coupling section that engages behind the pin and is braced at least at a support point on the side wall in response to a crash, wherein the support point is arranged on the side of the pin that is gripped by the coupling section, and
wherein the pin has a first spacing from the side wall, while a second spacing between the pin and the support point measuring in the axial direction is at least 1.1 times the first spacing.