US Patent No. 10,919,561


Patent No. 10,919,561
Issue Date February 16, 2021
Title Steering Device
Inventorship Toru Sekiguchi, Kiryu (JP)
Taisuke Honma, Kiryu (JP)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,919,561

1. A steering device comprising:a pipe into which a steering shaft is inserted so as to be rotatable around a first axis line extending along a forward-rearward direction;
a housing that is supported by a vehicle body, and that supports the pipe so as to be movable in the forward-rearward direction;
a drive unit that moves the pipe in the forward-rearward direction with respect to the housing;
a movable portion that is moved in the forward-rearward direction by the drive unit;
a joint portion that joins the drive unit and the movable portion to each other; and
a load absorbing mechanism that is disposed between the pipe and the movable portion,
wherein the load absorbing mechanism includes
an EA plate disposed in the pipe,
a guide plate disposed in the movable portion, and overlapped with the EA plate when viewed in an intersection direction intersecting the forward-rearward direction, and
a connection member which connects the EA plate and the guide plate to each other, and which is slidable relative to the EA plate and the guide plate in a case where a forward acting load applied to the pipe has a predetermined value or greater.