US Patent No. 10,893,605


Patent No. 10,893,605
Issue Date January 12, 2021
Title Textured Test Pads For Printed Circuit Board Testing
Inventorship Michael Richard Fabry, Apple Valley, MN (US)
William Bradford Green, Shakopee, MN (US)
Assignee Seagate Technology LLC, Fremont, CA (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,893,605

1. A printed circuit board comprising a substrate and at least one electrical circuit provided at least partially on a surface layer of the printed circuit board, the electrical circuit comprising an electrical trace that is in electrical connection with a test pad provided for accessibility on the surface layer, the test pad being sized and shaped for probing to test an aspect of the circuit, the test pad having a conductive probe surface that is structured to provide at least one vertical surface that extends from the probe surface toward the surface layer and thus providing an edge between the vertical surface and the probe surface, the probe surface having a coating of a material to cover and protect the conductive probe surface from corrosion, the coating comprising a material that is at least partially dielectric.