US Patent No. 10,893,602


Patent No. 10,893,602
Issue Date January 12, 2021
Title Method For Producing A Power Electronics System
Inventorship Thomas Hunka, Nuremberg (DE)
Marco Lederer, Nuremberg (DE)
Rainer Popp, Petersurach (DE)
Stefan Weiss, Hoechstadt (DE)
Patrick Sturm, Nuremberg (DE)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,893,602

1. A method for producing a power electronics system having a cooling device, a switching device, a terminal device, a capacitor device and a control device, comprising the following production steps:a) providing a cooling device with a plurality of first positioning cutouts and a plurality of second positioning cutouts and said first positioning cutouts and the second positioning cutouts are on a first surface of the cooling device and said first surface is opposite a plurality of extending air-cooled heat sink members;
b) providing the switching device with a substrate and a first mounting device, which has a plurality of first positioning devices, and wherein in the production step b) of providing, the substrate is arranged in a first cutout in the first mounting device, and further comprises conducting a step of fixing the substrate in the first cutout wherein the step of fixing is performed by means of an adhesive electrically insulating material;
c) providing the terminal device with a second mounting device, which has a plurality of second positioning devices;
d) arranging the switching device on the cooling device, wherein the first positioning devices are arranged in respectively assigned first positioning cutouts;
e) arranging the terminal device on the cooling device, wherein the respective second positioning devices are arranged in the respectively assigned second positioning cutouts;
f) positioning the capacitor device on said substrate and said switching device wherein said capacitor device includes a plurality of capacitors and a contact bus bar has a plurality of contact elements extending through second cutouts of the first mounting device for electrically contacting the substrate; and
g) positioning a plurality of load connection elements, for conducting alternating voltage potential, attached to the second mounting device and each said load connection element having a contact area for making simultaneous electrical contact with a respective conductor track of the substrate; and
wherein the first mounting device of the switching device has a second cutout, which opens up a bounded sub-area opening of the substrate on a side remote from the cooling device.