US Patent No. 10,893,570


Patent No. 10,893,570
Issue Date January 12, 2021
Title Method And Apparatus For Pausing Uplink Transmission Time Interval
Inventorship Klaus Pedersen, Aalborg (DK)
Assignee Nokia Technologies Oy, Espoo (FI)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,893,570

1. An apparatus comprising:at least one processor and at least one memory including a computer program code, the at least one memory and the computer program code configured to, with the at least one processor, cause the apparatus at least to:
cause transmission of a first uplink transmission for a mobile broadband communication from a first user device, the first uplink transmission having a transmission time interval comprising a plurality of subframes;
receive information from a base station during the transmission time interval, the information comprising an indication to pause during the transmission time interval transmission of the first uplink transmission for N subframes within the transmission time interval;
scheduling a transmission for a mission critical communication during said pause for a transmission time interval duration shorter than said transmission time interval;
based on the information pause, within the transmission time interval transmission of the first uplink transmission, for N subframes; and
cause, after the pause for N subframes, continued transmission of a remainder of the first uplink transmission for the mobile broadband communication.