US Patent No. 10,893,543


Patent No. 10,893,543
Issue Date January 12, 2021
Title Method And Apparatus For Random Access Design Of Nr Unlicensed
Inventorship Yingzhe Li, Sunnyvale, CA (US)
Hongbo Si, Plano, TX (US)
Aris Papasakellariou, Houston, TX (US)
Assignee Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., Suwon-si (KR)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,893,543

1. A user equipment (UE) in a wireless communication network, the UE comprising:a processor configured to:
generate a random access (RA) message comprising:
a preamble portion including one or more repeated preambles constructed using a same sequence, and a cyclic prefix (CP) that precedes repeated preamble sequences; and
a data portion including one or more data segments with each data segment including a number of repeated data symbols and a CP that precedes the repeated data symbols, wherein a UE identity (UE-ID) is included in the data portion; and
perform a listen-before-talk (LBT) operation for the RA message in an unlicensed spectrum; and
a transceiver operably connected to the processor, the transceiver configured to:
transmit, subject to a result of the LBT operation, the RA message in the unlicensed spectrum to a base station (BS); and
receive a responded random access (Re-RA) message in response to the transmitted RA message within a random access response (RAR) window,
wherein a first portion of the Re-RA message is carried by a physical downlink control channel (PDCCH) with a cyclic redundancy check (CRC) scrambled with a two-step random access radio network temporary identifier (RA2-RNTI) of the UE, and a second portion of the Re-RA message is carried by a physical downlink shared channel (PDSCH) scheduled by the PDCCH, and
wherein the RA2-RNTI of the UE is determined based on a radio resource used to transmit a preamble of the RA message, the radio resource including a time domain resource, a frequency domain resource, and a carrier index.