US Patent No. 10,893,505


Patent No. 10,893,505
Issue Date January 12, 2021
Title Enhanced Pager Network
Inventorship Stephen Michael Okajima, Boston, MA (US)
Arman Serebrakian, Boston, MA (US)
Ara Nazarian, Wellesley, MA (US)
Assignee Statum Systems Inc., Wellesley, MA (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,893,505

1. A system comprising:one or more processors; and
a memory storing instructions that, when executed by at least one processor among the one or more processors, cause the system to perform operations comprising:
detecting a pairing of a pager module with a client device, the client device associated with a user identifier, and the pager module associated with a pager identifier;
updating a database to include a record of the pairing of the pager module with the client device, the record of the pairing including at least the pager identifier of the pager module and the user identifier of the client device;
receiving message data that includes at least message content, and the user identifier;
identifying the pager identifier of the pager module paired with the client device within the database based on the user identifier from the message data;
transmitting the message data to the pager module identified by the pager identifier;
causing the pager module to identify the client device communicatively coupled with the pager module based on the user identifier from the message data;
causing the pager module to transmit the message content to the client device; and
causing display of a notification that includes a presentation of the message content at the client device.