US Patent No. 10,893,476


Patent No. 10,893,476
Issue Date January 12, 2021
Title Information Processing Device, And Information Processing Method Using Multiple Multiplexing Methods
Inventorship Yusuke Tanaka, Tokyo (JP)
Yuichi Morioka, Kanagawa (JP)
Takeshi Itagaki, Saitama (JP)
Tomoya Yamaura, Tokyo (JP)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,893,476

1. An information processing device comprising:circuitry configured to:
inform a first device, by using a frame different from a beacon, of an uplink multiplexing method for a PS-Poll included as a first information element in the frame and presence of downlink data addressed to the first device included as a second information element in the frame, the first device having a multiplexing function for multiplexing and transmitting uplink data from a plurality of devices including the first device to the information processing device, the PS-Poll indicating that the first device has shifted from a functional suspension state to a data receivable state,
receive the PS-Poll multiplexed using the uplink multiplexing method, and transmitted by the first device,
after receiving the PS-Poll, arrange and transmit a plurality of fields concatenated in an acknowledgement frame, each of the plurality of fields including an identifier of each of the plurality of devices and acknowledgement information for the PS-Poll,
multiplex, using a downlink multiplexing method, and transmit the downlink data to the first device, and
buffer other downlink data to be transmitted to the first device after the first device shifts from the data receivable state to the functional suspension state after the first device receives the downlink data,
M long training fields are added to the PS-Poll, M being an integer larger than or equal to 2,
the M long training fields are encoded such that a row of an encoding matrix including M rows and M columns is assigned and each column of the row is multiplied by each of the M long training fields, and
a cross-correlation between any two rows of the encoding matrix is zero.