US Patent No. 10,884,089


Patent No. 10,884,089
Issue Date January 05, 2021
Title Apparatus For Improving Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Inventorship Xin Zhang, Medford, MA (US)
Stephan Anderson, Boston, MA (US)
Guangwu Duan, Natick, MA (US)
Xiaoguang Zhao, Boston, MA (US)
Assignee Trustees of Boston University, Boston, MA (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,884,089

1. An apparatus for improving operation of an MRI machine characterized by a working frequency, by improving the signal-to-noise ratio of received signals, the apparatus comprising:an array of unit cells, the array sized to be disposed within a bore of the MRI machine along with a specimen in the bore, and capable of passive operation to increase signal-to-noise ratio of signals emitted by the specimen when the MRI machine is imaging the specimen, wherein:
each unit cell has a resonant frequency, and
the array has a resonance frequency at or near the working frequency, and
the unit cells configured such that they magnetically couple with one another.