US Patent No. 10,873,882


Patent No. 10,873,882
Issue Date December 22, 2020
Title System And Method Of A Pause Watchdog
Inventorship Kenneth James Duda, Menlo Park, CA (US)
Michael Chih-Yen Wang, Vancouver (CA)
Assignee Arista Networks, Inc., Santa Clara, CA (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,873,882

1. A non-transitory machine-readable medium having executable instructions to cause one or more processing units to perform a method to trigger a pause reduction component, the method comprising:receiving a pause message on a first network element, wherein the pause message is from a second network element and indicates that data should not be transmitted by the first network element to the second network element; and
in response to receiving the pause message, triggering the pause reduction component on the first network element when a characteristic of the first network element is inadequate relative to a pause reduction threshold, wherein the pause reduction component reduces an effect of the pause message and the pause reduction threshold is based on at least one condition selected from the group consisting of: a particular number of pause messages, an inadequate drain rate of a queue associated with the second network element, and a queue occupancy of the queue associated with the second network element.