US Patent No. 10,828,916


Patent No. 10,828,916
Issue Date November 10, 2020
Title Media Support
Inventorship Alex Veis, Kadima (IL)
Yaron Dekel, Gan-Yeoshaya (IL)
Yuval Dim, Moshav Haniel (IL)
Assignee HP SCITEX LTD., Netanya (IL)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,828,916

1. A media support, comprising a sheet of elongated suction cups and circular suction cups, wherein each elongated suction cup has a length in a first direction, a width in a second direction orthogonal to the first direction, and a depth in a third direction orthogonal to the first and second directions, the length being greater than the width, and wherein each suction cup:is recessed into the sheet in the third direction along a surface of the sheet such that at least some of the suction cup is below the surface of the sheet in the third direction; and
has a port through which air may be evacuated from the suction cup with the port of each suction cup separate from the port of any other suction cup.