US Patent No. 10,824,121


Patent No. 10,824,121
Issue Date November 03, 2020
Title Machine Learning Device, Servo Motor Controller, Servo Motor Control System, And Machine Learning Method
Inventorship Tsutomu Nakamura, Yamanashi (JP)
Satoshi Ikai, Yamanashi (JP)
Assignee FANUC CORPORATION, Yamanashi (JP)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,824,121

1. A servo motor control system comprising a servo motor controller including a changing unit configured to change a parameter of a control unit configured to control a servo motor on a basis of a position command and a compensation value of at least one of the position command and a torque command, a control target controlled by the servo motor controller, and a machine learning device that performs machine learning with respect to the servo motor controller,wherein the machine learning device includes:
a state information acquisition unit configured to acquire, from the servo motor controller, state information including the position command, a servo state including at least a positional error, a combination of the parameter of the control unit and the compensation value by causing the servo motor controller to execute a predetermined program;
an action information output unit configured to output action information including adjustment information of the combination of the parameter and the compensation value which are included in the state information, to the servo motor controller;
a reward output unit configured to output a value of a reward of reinforcement learning based on the positional error included in the state information; and
a value function updating unit configured to update a value function on a basis of the value of the reward output by the reward output unit, the state information, and the action information,
wherein the control unit of the servo motor controller includes: a position control unit configured to generate a velocity command on a basis of the position command; a velocity control unit configured to generate the torque command on a basis of the velocity command output from the position control unit; and a filter configured to attenuate signals of frequencies in a predetermined frequency range of the torque command output from the velocity control unit, and
the changing unit of the servo motor controller changes a gain of at least one of the position control unit and the velocity control unit, a filter coefficient of the filter, and at least one of a torque offset value and a friction compensation value applied to the position command or the torque command, on a basis of the action information.