US Patent No. 10,798,809


Patent No. 10,798,809
Issue Date October 06, 2020
Title Inductively Coupled Plasma Generator
Inventorship Hidemiki Hayashi, Kyoto (JP)
Assignee Shimadzu Coporation, Kyoto (JP)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,798,809

1. An inductively coupled plasma generator which supplies high-frequency power to an inductive coil disposed outside a leading end portion of a plasma torch having a substantially cylindrical outer shape to form an inductively coupled plasma flame at a leading end of the torch, the inductively coupled plasma generator comprising:a) a torch adapter which is a substantially flat annular insulative body having an opening portion into which the plasma torch is inserted, and within which a conductive rod body is disposed, the conductive rod body extending in a radial direction relative to the torch, one end of the conductive rod body being exposed to face the opening portion, and the other end of the conductive rod body protruding by a predetermined length toward an outer circumferential side;
b) a torch holder which holds the plasma torch substantially horizontally by grasping the torch adapter into which the plasma torch is inserted, and has a lower holder which supports a lower side of the torch adapter, an upper holder which suppresses an upper side of the torch adapter, and an engaging part which fixes the upper holder to the lower holder in a state in which the torch adapter is interposed; and
c) a conductive first member which is electrically connected to a cable line for applying a voltage for plasma ignition and provided in the upper holder, and has a first contact part which abuts on the rod body to press the rod body downward by an elastic force, when the upper holder is closed and engaged by the engaging part in a state in which the torch adapter is placed on the lower holder so that the protruding part of the rod body of the torch adapter faces upward.