US Patent No. 10,798,808


Patent No. 10,798,808
Issue Date October 06, 2020
Title Methods And Systems For Forming A Liquid Liner Of A Cavity
Inventorship Joerg Zimmermann, Vancouver (CA)
David Franklin Plant, Vanciyver (CA)
Robert Vlastimil Bouchal, Surry (CA)
Troy Nickolas Tyler, Coquitlam (CA)
Victoria Suponitsky, Coquitlam (CA)
Michael Harcourt Delage, Vancouver (CA)
Michel Georges Laberge, West Vancouver (CA)
Assignee General Fusion Inc., British Columbia (CA)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,798,808

1. A system for forming a liquid liner of a cavity, the system comprising:a vessel having an outer wall;
a rotating member positioned inside the vessel and rotatable about an axis of rotation, the rotating member comprising:
i. a first end and a second end along the axis of rotation;
ii. an inner surface defining an interior volume and curved with respect to the axis of rotation;
iii. an outer surface having a shape that is a function of a shape of the inner surface; and
iv. a plurality of fluid passages each having an inboard opening at the inner surface and an outboard opening at the outer surface;
a rotating driver operationally coupled to the rotating member to rotate the rotating member; and
a liquid medium in the vessel, the liquid medium at least partially filling the fluid passages and forming a liquid liner when the rotating member is rotating, an inner interface of the liquid liner defining a cavity coaxial with the axis of rotation, the inner interface being curved with respect to the axis of rotation.