US Patent No. 10,798,799


Patent No. 10,798,799
Issue Date October 06, 2020
Title Lighting System And Method
Inventorship Ramon Antoine Wiro Clout, Eindhoven (NL)
Anthonie Hendrik Bergman, Nuenen (NL)
Jochen Renaat Van Gheluwe, Lommel (BE)
Siebe Tjerk De Zwart, Valkenswaard (NL)
Assignee SIGNIFY HOLDING B.V., Eindhoven (NL)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,798,799

1. A lighting system comprising:an array of lighting elements, each of said lighting elements having a configurable light output intensity;
a controller operatively coupled to said array and configured to individually control the light output intensities of said lighting elements in order to generate a configurable light effect in a configurable location on the array, the configurable light effect having a configurable luminance distribution exhibiting a defined edge steepness,
the controller is responsive to a control instruction, instructing the controller to migrate at a speed a current light effect in a first location to a second location spatially separated from the first location along a path between the first location and the second location;
wherein the controller is adapted to reduce the edge steepness of the luminance distribution of the current light effect for the duration of its migration along said path and only in the event that the speed at which said current light effect is to be migrated is below a threshold speed level.