US Patent No. 10,798,718


Patent No. 10,798,718
Issue Date October 06, 2020
Title Method And Apparatus For Collecting And Processing Interference Information
Inventorship Amr Abdelmonem, Northbrook, IL (US)
Sean S. Cordone, Chicago, IL (US)
Dariusz Seskiewicz, Mundelein, IL (US)
Bill Myers, Buffalo Grove, IL (US)
Krishna Komoravolu, Aurora, IL (US)
Assignee ISCO International, LLC, Schaumberg, IL (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,798,718

1. A method, comprising:receiving, by a processing system comprising a processor, interference information associated with a plurality of communication devices, the interference information determined from signal interference detected in a plurality of radio frequency signals wirelessly received at the plurality of communication devices, wherein the radio frequency signals comprise a direct sequence spread spectrum (DSSS) signal, and;
detecting, by the processing system, a first interferer of a plurality of interferers based on a comparison with an adaptive threshold value, wherein the detecting further comprises:
determining a number of sequences of the DSSS signal included in a rolling average to determine a subchannel having an interference;
selecting a predetermined number of subchannels, as selected subchannels, having a highest average signal strength over the number of sequences;
determining a baseline average signal strength across a spectrum of subchannels of the DSSS signal over the number of sequences without the selected subchannels;
calculating the adaptive threshold value from the baseline average signal strength; and
comparing a signal strength of a subchannel over the number of sequences with the adaptive threshold value to determine the first interferer in the subchannel; and
identifying, by the processing system, a source interferer for the first interferer by comparing characteristics of the first interferer with profile characteristics indicated in a profile for the source interferer, wherein the profile is stored in a database of profiles of interferers, and wherein the comparing is based on determining a measure of similarity between the characteristics and the profile characteristics.