US Patent No. 10,792,353


Patent No. 10,792,353
Issue Date October 06, 2020
Title Virus Like Particle Purification
Inventorship Thomas S. Vedvick, Cambridge, MA (US)
Bryan Steadman, Cambridge, MA (US)
Charles Richardson, Cambridge, MA (US)
Thomas R. Foubert, Cambridge, MA (US)
Charles R. Petrie, Cambridge, MA (US)
Assignee Takeda Vaccines, Inc., Cambridge, MA (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,792,353

1. A production method for Norovirus virus-like particles (VLPs), comprising:transforming insect cells with a baculovirus vector containing a viral nucleic acid sequence encoding a Norovirus major capsid protein VP1;
cultivating the insect cells in a medium thereby expressing the VLPs in the medium;
stopping cultivation when the viability of the insect cells reaches 20% or less; and
isolating supernatant comprising the VLPs from the insect cells thus producing the VLPs.