US Patent No. 10,782,688


Patent No. 10,782,688
Issue Date September 22, 2020
Title Method, Control Apparatus, And System For Tracking And Shooting Target
Inventorship Zuoguang Li, Guangdong (CN)
Assignee AUTEL ROBOTICS CO., LTD., Shenzhen, Guangdong (CN)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,782,688

1. A method for tracking and shooting a target, applied to an unmanned aerial vehicle shooting, wherein the method comprises:selecting a tracked target in an image shot by an photographing apparatus of the unmanned aerial vehicle; calculating a movement speed, a movement direction and a location on a current image that are of the tracked target; and
controlling, according to the calculated movement speed, movement direction and location on the current image, the unmanned aerial vehicle to track the tracked target, so as to make the tracked target always locate on an image collected by the photographing apparatus;
wherein the method further comprises:
extracting a characteristic point of the tracked target;
recording a set of extracted characteristic point and a quantity of the extracted characteristic point to generate a first characteristic template; and
storing the first characteristic template into a template library;
wherein the method further comprises:
when a tracking failure occurs in the process of controlling the unmanned aerial vehicle to track the tracked target, extracting a SIFT characteristic from the current image on which the tracking failure occurs, to obtain a characteristic point set S1;
reading the first characteristic template from the template library, to obtain a characteristic point set T1 of the first characteristic template;
matching the characteristic point set T1 with the characteristic point set S1, and searching for the tracked target according to a matching result; and
determining the tracked target is found.