US Patent No. 10,772,217


Patent No. 10,772,217
Issue Date September 08, 2020
Title Circuit Board And Method For Manufacturing The Same
Inventorship Lin-Jie Gao, Shenzhen (CN)
Han-Pei Huang, Hsinchu (TW)
Assignee HongQiSheng Precision Electronics (QinHuangDao) Co., Ltd., Qinhuangdao (CN...

Claim of US Patent No. 10,772,217

1. A method for manufacturing a circuit board comprising:providing a carrier plate and forming a circuit substrate on the carrier plate;
pressing an insulating layer on a side of the circuit substrate facing away from the carrier plate;
disposing a removable sheet on a side of the insulating layer facing away from the circuit substrate, and forming at least one connecting unit passing through the insulating layer to be electrically connected to the circuit substrate, wherein a height of each of the at least one connecting unit is increased from a center of the connecting unit to a periphery of the connecting unit;
removing the carrier plate to obtain a medium structure;
stacking and pressing a ground circuit board, a heat dissipation dielectric film and the medium structure as ordered, wherein at least one conductive structure passes through the heat dissipation dielectric film to electrically connect a side of the circuit substrate facing away from the insulating layer and a side of the ground circuit board; and
removing the removable sheet.