US Patent No. 10,772,196


Patent No. 10,772,196
Issue Date September 08, 2020
Title Display Device, Flexible Wiring Board, Method Of Manufacturing The Display Device, And Electronic Device
Inventorship Kota Uogishi, Tokyo (JP)
Koji Hiramoto, Tokyo (JP)
Kengo Kowata, Tokyo (JP)
Assignee Japan Display Inc., Minato-ku (JP)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,772,196

1. A display device comprising: a display panel comprising a plurality of pad portions arranged along a first direction; and a flexible printed circuit mounted on the display panel and overlapping the plurality of pad portions, the flexible printed circuit comprising a base member with a first surface and a second surface on an opposite side to the first surface, wiring lines located on a side of the first surface of the base member, and a protective later which covers the wiring lines, and including a bend area to be bent, and a first edge and a second edge extending along a second direction crossing the first direction, the base member comprising a groove portion located in the bend area and formed in the second surface, a first frame region between the first edge and the groove portion, and a second frame region between the second edge and the groove portion, the groove portion being located between the first frame region and the second frame region, and a thickness of the base member in a position where the groove portion is formed is less than a thickness of the base member in a position which overlaps the first frame region and the second frame region, wherein the groove portion does not penetrate the base member, wherein the flexible printed circuit comprises a bending start point extending along the first direction, on a side of the display panel in the bend area, and the groove portion comprises a first groove portion overlapping the bending start point and extending along the first direction.