US Patent No. 10,772,183


Patent No. 10,772,183
Issue Date September 08, 2020
Title Disabling Plasma Arc Torches And Related Systems And Methods
Inventorship Jing Wu, Etna, NH (US)
Bruce P. Altobelli, Grantham, NH (US)
Zheng Duan, Hanover, NH (US)
Dennis M. Borowy, Hanover, NH (US)
Junsong Mao, Hanover, NH (US)
Assignee Hypertherm, Inc., Hanover, NH (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,772,183

1. A plasma arc torch for a plasma cutting system, the plasma arc torch comprising:a torch grip;
an operator interface switch connected to a plasma control circuit: i) configured to control a current from the plasma cutting system through the plasma arc torch to one or more consumables disposed at a distal end of the torch grip and ii) configured to initiate generation of a plasma arc from a tip of the torch;
a cap sense switch disposed within the torch grip connected to the plasma control circuit and configured to detect a presence of one or more of the consumables, the cap sense switch further configured to open or close the plasma control circuit in accordance with the detection of the presence of the one or more consumables; and
a torch disable switch separate from the operator interface switch disposed on the torch grip and connected to the plasma control circuit, the torch disable switch including:
a plasma control circuit disconnect configured to selectively connect or disconnect the plasma control circuit to prevent current flow, including pilot current, to the one or more consumables, and
a user interface connected to the plasma control circuit disconnect, the user interface configured to operatively connect or disconnect the plasma control circuit with the plasma control circuit disconnect in response to an operator input.