US Patent No. 10,772,130


Patent No. 10,772,130
Issue Date September 08, 2020
Title Random Access Procedure For Determining Uplink Transmission Capability
Inventorship Han Zhou, Shanghai (CN)
Xiaolei Tie, Shanghai (CN)
Gengshi Wu, Shanghai (CN)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,772,130

8. A random access apparatus, comprising:a memory storing instructions; and
a processor coupled to the memory to execute the instructions to:
receive information about a plurality of random access resource groups from a network device, wherein the plurality of random access resource groups are in one-to-one correspondence with a plurality of different combinations, and each of the plurality of different combinations comprises a uplink transmission capability and a coverage level, the uplink transmission capability comprising a carrier support capability and an uplink subcarrier transmission bandwidth, the carrier support capability indicating whether multi-carrier transmission is supported, and the coverage level indicating channel transmission conditions;
determine, from the plurality of random access resource groups, based on an uplink transmission capability of the apparatus, the coverage level of apparatus, and the information about the plurality of random access resource groups, a target random access resource group that matches the transmission capability of the apparatus; and
send a random access request to the network device by using a random access resource in the target random access resource group, wherein the random access request is used to request to access the network device; and, wherein
the uplink transmission capability of the apparatus indicates that the apparatus is capable of supporting multi-carrier transmission, and the receiving unit is further configured to:
receive scheduling information from the network device, wherein the scheduling information is used to instruct the apparatus to perform single-carrier transmission, and the single-carrier transmission is triggered by the network when a current uplink resource is insufficient for the apparatus to perform multi-carrier transmission.