US Patent No. 10,772,117


Patent No. 10,772,117
Issue Date September 08, 2020
Title Method And User Equipment For Receiving Downlink Signal
Inventorship Seungjune Yi, Seoul (KR)
Sunyoung Lee, Seoul (KR)
Assignee LG ELECTRONICS INC., Seoul (KR)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,772,117

1. A method for receiving, by a user equipment (UE), downlink signals, the method comprising:receiving, by the UE, semi-persistent scheduling (SPS) configuration information on N SPS resource configurations, where N is an integer larger than 1;
receiving, by the UE, an SPS command to activate or deactivate each of multiple SPS resource configurations among the N SPS resource configurations;
transmitting, by the UE, SPS status information on the N SPS resource configurations in response to the SPS command; and
performing, by the UE, downlink reception or uplink transmission in an SPS resource corresponding to an SPS resource configuration among activated SPS resource configurations,
wherein the SPS command includes information indicating each of the multiple SPS resource configurations and information indicating whether a corresponding SPS resource configuration is activated or deactivated,
wherein the SPS status information includes information on whether the N SPS resource configurations are active or not in the UE, respectively, and
wherein the SPS status information is transmitted on a first SPS resource of a union of the activated SPS resource configurations.