US Patent No. 10,767,829


Patent No. 10,767,829
Issue Date September 08, 2020
Title Light Irradiation Device And Vehicular Lamp
Inventorship Shinya Kogure, Tokyo (JP)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,767,829

1. A vehicular lamp comprising:a light source;
a first optical element having a light-collection point on an emission side at a first position, the first optical element being configured to collect incident light from the light source at the first position;
a light deflector including a mirror disposed at the first position, the mirror forward-and reverse-rotating around an axis passing through the first position, the light deflector being configured to reflect incident light from the first optical element with the mirror to deflect the light and emit the deflected light as scanning light;
a second optical element configured as a convex lens, having a focal point on an incidence side at the first position and having an optical axis, the second optical element being configured to emit the scanning light from the mirror as scanning light that is parallel to the optical axis,
an optical element for projecting configured as a convex lens, configured to project the scanning light from the second optical element to an irradiation region ahead, the optical element for projecting being arranged so that an optical axis thereof is aligned with the optical axis of the second optical element; and
a light-shielding switching unit disposed between the second optical element and the optical element for projecting, the light-shielding switching unit having sections switched separately between a state of shielding and non-shielding of scanning light that is incident from the second optical element.