US Patent No. 10,765,102


Patent No. 10,765,102
Issue Date September 08, 2020
Title Variable Volume Flow Injection Nozzle
Inventorship Thomas J. Zolper, Cuba City, WI (US)
James A. Luoma, La Crescent, MN (US)
Corey A. Flores, Neenah, WI (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,765,102

1. An invasive species toxin application system comprising:a boat including a propulsion system for moving the boat along a surface of a body of water in a propulsion direction as directed by a steering wheel;
a tank supported by the boat for holding a toxin;
a nozzle extending perpendicular to the propulsion direction;
nozzle supports extending downward from the boat to hold the nozzle beneath the surface of the body of water at a predetermined depth; and
a pump for delivering the toxin from the tank to the nozzle at a predetermined delivery rate;
wherein the nozzle provides at least one laterally extending opening presenting a variable fluid flow resistance as a function of lateral distance to promote uniform flow rate as a function of lateral distance.