US Patent No. 10,734,980


Patent No. 10,734,980
Issue Date August 04, 2020
Title Pulse Charging System
Inventorship Chris Jensen, Downers Grove, IL (US)
Howard Pfeffer, Glen Ellyn, IL (US)
Kenneth Quinn, Geneva, IL (US)
Matthew Kufer, Elburn, IL (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,734,980

1. A system comprising:a bulk capacitor operably connected to a power source;
an inductor connected to said bulk capacitor with a charge switch;
a pulse capacitor connected to said inductor in series with a second diode wherein said bulk capacitor charges said inductor and said pulse capacitor when said charge switch is closed;
a regulator configured to open said charge switch at a point in time when a first energy stored in said inductor added to a second energy stored in said pulse capacitor equals a total energy required to be delivered as a pulsed discharge to a load;
a resistor configured between said inductor and a DeQ switch, wherein said DeQ switch can be closed to dissipate the first energy excess in said inductor;
a recovery inductor;
a recovery switch wherein operating said recovery switch reverses voltage on said pulse capacitor;
a freewheeling diode connecting a point between said charge switch and said inductor to a point after said pulse capacitor; and
a pulse switch connecting said pulse capacitor to said load, wherein closing said pulse switch provides said pulsed discharge to said load.