US Patent No. 10,716,229


Patent No. 10,716,229
Issue Date July 14, 2020
Title Wireport Assembly
Inventorship Daniel S. Spiro, Paradise Valley, AZ (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,716,229

1. A removable device platform comprising:a mechanical receptacle adapted to mechanically connect to a device and a hub embedded in a suspended wire, the hub integrated with a linear conductor, the mechanical receptacle to convey power or power and data from the linear conductor to the device; and
at least one of a hub power receptacle, a device power receptacle, a wireless transceiver, a back-up power unit, a processor, a micro-switch, a spray nozzle, and a power supply/modulation unit, wherein the mechanical receptacle is configured to engage mechanically and electrically the device, wherein the device platform is configured to engage one of an electrified device and a non-electrified device, and wherein the device platform optimizes its operation in response to processing past recorded activity and executing a self-teaching program to improve utility of the device coupled to the device platform.