US Patent No. 10,716,166


Patent No. 10,716,166
Issue Date July 14, 2020
Title Emergency Radio Communications System Incorporating Integral Public Safety Radio Bridging Capability
Inventorship Patrick L. Hobby, Highlands Ranch, CO (US)
David E. Petty, Loveland, CO (US)
Assignee SAFECOM 911, INC., Centennial, CO (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,716,166

1. A communication system especially adapted for facilitating emergency communications between communication endpoints having incompatible radios operating on distinct frequencies, the endpoints including at least one public safety radio associated with a communication endpoint and at least one local radio associated with another communication endpoint, said system comprising:at least one pre-programmed digital radio operating on a different channel or frequency than said at least one public safety radio and said at least one local radio;
a radio bridge to facilitate direct radio communications between said at least one public safety radio and said local radio, said radio bridge including hardware enabling connection between the radios, said bridge communicating with a communications server to receive activation and deactivation instructions sent from an authorized user, said instructions being sent as Internet Protocol (IP) packets over an IP communications network;
a digital radio module incorporated with said radio bridge, said module being configured to control said radio bridge by a radio frequency (RF) signal received from said at least one pre-programmed digital radio; and
computer coded instructions associated with a computer processor of the system to selectively control and monitor the system to include (i) activation and deactivation of said radio bridge to prevent activation and deactivation control at said communication endpoint associated with the at least one local radio, and (ii) production of visual displays for a user that include an indication of whether a radio bridge has been activated or deactivated by said at least one pre-programmed digital radio, and wherein said indication includes whether the radio is a public safety digital radio or a private digital radio.