US Patent No. 10,716,146


Patent No. 10,716,146
Issue Date July 14, 2020
Title Universal Reservation Signal Design For Wifi And Nr-ss
Inventorship Zhifei Fan, San Diego, CA (US)
Xiaoxia Zhang, San Diego, CA (US)
Assignee QUALCOMM Incorporated, San Diego, CA (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,716,146

1. A method of wireless communication, the method comprising:performing, by a wireless network node, a successful clear channel assessment (CCA) on a frequency channel in accordance with a listen before talk (LBT) protocol procedure, wherein the wireless network node operates in accordance with a first wireless communication protocol;
generating a channel reservation signal, by the wireless network node, wherein the channel reservation signal includes a preamble that has a predetermined pattern, a message having a same short period waveform as the preamble, and a synchronization field (SYNC) disposed between the preamble and the message, and wherein the message is encoded to prevent any and all occurrences therein of at least one of the predetermined pattern or a combination of the predetermined pattern and at least part of the SYNC, and wherein the channel reservation signal has a subcarrier spacing and symbol length in accordance with a numerology of a second wireless communication protocol that uses a numerology that is not the same as that of the first wireless communication protocol; and
transmitting, by the wireless network node in response to the successful CCA, the channel reservation signal on the frequency channel.