US Patent No. 10,701,157


Patent No. 10,701,157
Issue Date June 30, 2020
Title Method And Terminal For Controlling Internet Of Things And Controlled Electronic Device
Inventorship Kuanhong Hsieh, Shenzhen (CN)
Boqing Lin, Shenzhen (CN)
Yang Yuan, Shenzhen (CN)
Shixuan Yu, Shenzhen (CN)
Assignee 1MORE INC., Shenzhen (CN)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,701,157

1. A method for controlling an internet of things, comprising:displaying, by a terminal, an interactive page of a controlled device which is assigned a unique communication number and configured to execute a control command, wherein the interactive page comprises an interface interaction element configured to control the controlled device and widgets for receiving information inputted by a user;
obtaining, by the terminal, the control command inputted by the user via the interface interaction element for controlling the controlled device, and data inputted by the user via the widgets for transmitting the data to the controlled device and outputting the data, wherein the data corresponds to text messages, voice messages, pictures, or video data, wherein the control command comprises the unique communication number; and
sending, by terminal, the control command and the data to the controlled device in accordance with the unique communication number if the controlled device is in a control range of the terminal, wherein the method further comprises:
searching, by the terminal, for another controlled device in the control range of the terminal and sending the control command together with an address of the controlled device and the data from the terminal to the another controlled device if the terminal detects that the controlled device is not in the control range of the terminal; and
sending, by the another controlled device, the control command and the data to the controlled device associated with the unique communication number.