US Patent No. 10,694,640


Patent No. 10,694,640
Issue Date June 23, 2020
Title Server Water Cooling Modules Prevent Water Leakage Device
Inventorship Chao-Jung Chen, Taoyuan (TW)
Yu-Nien Huang, Taoyuan (TW)
Ching-Yu Chen, Taoyuan (TW)
Tsung-Ta Li, Taoyuan (TW)
Assignee QUANTA COMPUTER INC., Taoyuan (TW)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,694,640

1. A cooling system for use in cooling heat-generating electronic components, the system comprising:a radiator;
at least one cold plate for cooling a heat generating electronic component, the cold plate comprising integrally attached metal hoses for the passage of cooling fluid from the radiator, and the return of heated cooling fluid to the radiator, wherein the at least cold plate and the metal hoses are made of the same material and are integrated together in a form of soldering;
a silicon casing for connecting each of the metal hoses to the radiator;
a waterproof spray plate positioned between the heat generating electronic component and the silicon casings, the waterproof spray plate being configured to prevent liquid spray from the connection of the metal hoses to the radiator from reaching the heat generating electronic component; and
a water tray positioned beneath the radiator and the waterproof spray plate, the waterproof spray plate being shaped to deflect liquid spray toward the water tray, the water tray being configured to collect liquid spray from the connection of the metal hoses and liquid spray deflecting off of the waterproof spray plate.