US Patent No. 10,694,634


Patent No. 10,694,634
Issue Date June 23, 2020
Title Pick-and-place Device
Inventorship Po-Jui Chen, Taipei (TW)
Ching-Yuan Liu, Taipei (TW)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,694,634

1. A pick-and-place device, configured to pick and place a circuit board, the pick-and-place device comprising:a base;
a carrying mechanism, comprising:
a first side part, disposed on the base;
a second side part, disposed on the base and located opposite to the first side part;
two conveyor assemblies, respectively disposed on the first side part and the second side part and configured to carry the circuit board; and
two first driving devices, respectively connected to the two conveyor assemblies so as to be configured to respectively turn the two conveyor assemblies;
a driving mechanism, disposed on the base; and
a clamping mechanism, comprising:
a base plate, movably disposed on the base via the driving mechanism;
a clamping assembly, comprising a first claw and a second claw, wherein the first claw and the second claw are disposed on the base plate and are configured to pick and place the circuit board; and
a second driving device, disposed on the base plate, wherein the second driving device is connected to the clamping assembly so as to move the first claw and the second claw toward or away from each other.