US Patent No. 10,694,630


Patent No. 10,694,630
Issue Date June 23, 2020
Title Case For A Mobile Communications Device With A Screen
Inventorship Jason Roberts, Twickenham (GB)
Benjamin Thorpe, Uxbridge (GB)
Assignee TECH 21 LICENSING LIMITED, Middlesex, Twickenham (GB)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,694,630

1. A case for a mobile communications device with a screen, the case comprising main body and a cover;the main body having a substantially rectangular configuration comprising a back wall with a top edge and a bottom edge and a pair of side edges extending substantially perpendicular to the top and bottom edges, top and bottom walls extend away from the top and bottom edges and side walls extend away from the side edges such that the four walls define (1) a rectangular opening in a front face of the main body, via which the mobile communications device is receivable, and (2) with the back wall, a cavity to receive a mobile communication device, the main body having a recess to which the cover engages;
the cover comprising a cover portion arranged to selectively cover the front of the cavity in a closed position and a connection portion having a connection projection, the connection projection engaging the recess in the main body to connect the cover portion to the main body so that the cover portion is movable between a closed position in which the cover portion covers the cavity and an open position in which the cavity is accessible;
the cover portion being formed, at least partially, of a flexible sheet of material, the free edge of the cover portion adjacent to the side wall opposite the connection portion being provided with a tab which is an extension of the flexible sheet material forming the cover portion;
a stud fastener being fixed to the tab;
one of the top wall, the bottom wall or one of the side wals of the main body adjacent to the tab with the cover in the closed position being provided with an opening;
the main body in the vicinity of the opening being formed of a first resilient material and the stud fastener being formed of a material which is harder than the first resilient material; and
the opening being positioned, in use, so that when the cover portion is in the closed position over the mobile communications device, the tab has a closed cover disengaged tab position and a closed cover engaged tab position, in the closed cover disengaged tab position, the tab is not engaged with the opening, in the closed cover engaged tab position, the tab is engaged with the opening, transition between the closed cover disengaged tab position and closed cover engaged tab position occurs by moving the tab so that the stud fastener enters the opening and resiliently deforms the material in the vicinity of the opening to hold the stud fastener in the opening in a secured configuration.