US Patent No. 10,694,624


Patent No. 10,694,624
Issue Date June 23, 2020
Title Flexible Display Devices
Inventorship Fletcher R. Rothkopf, Los Altos, CA (US)
Andrew J. M. Janis, Toronto (CA)
Teodor Dabov, San Francisco, CA (US)
Assignee Apple Inc., Cupertino, CA (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,694,624

1. An electronic device operable in a folded position, comprising:a housing having at least first and second housing portions;
first and second display regions, wherein the first display region is in the first housing portion and the second display region is in the second housing portion; and
a hinge that couples the first housing portion to the second housing portion so that the first and second housing portions rotate relative to each other, wherein the hinge comprises a four-bar linkage having first and second hinge members and a shaft that couples a first end of the first hinge member to a second end of the second hinge member, and wherein the shaft is non-overlapping with the first and second housing portions when the electronic device is in the folded position.