US Patent No. 10,694,559


Patent No. 10,694,559
Issue Date June 23, 2020
Title Fifth Generation New Radio Backhaul And Access
Inventorship Erik Richard Stauffer, Sunnyvale, CA (US)
Jibing Wang, Saratoga, CA (US)
Assignee Google LLC, Mountain View, CA (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,694,559

1. A method of managing wireless backhaul communications in a wireless communication network by an Integrated Backhaul-Access and Mobility Function (IB-AMF) server, the method comprising:receiving, by the IB-AMF server, an access request from a base station;
authenticating the base station for access to the wireless communication network;
allocating resources for a wireless backhaul link between the base station and a relay base station;
sending an access grant to the relay base station, the access grant including an indication of the allocated resources for the wireless backhaul link, the sending the access grant being effective to cause the relay base station to forward the access grant to the base station and establish the wireless backhaul link;
receiving, by the IB-AMF server, monitoring data for the wireless backhaul link from the base station, the relay base station, or both, the monitoring data including radio measurements of a quality of the wireless backhaul link;
evaluating performance of the wireless backhaul link based at least in part on the received monitoring data; and
based on the evaluating, sending a reconfiguration message to the base station, the relay base station, or both to reconfigure the wireless backhaul link.