US Patent No. 10,693,884


Patent No. 10,693,884
Issue Date June 23, 2020
Title Device Agnostic Security Layer And System
Inventorship Johnny M. Harris, Layton, UT (US)
Andrew R. Austin, Farmington, UT (US)
Roland E. Chilinski, Farmington, NY (US)
Jeff A. Harrell, Draper, UT (US)
D. Victor Wells, Draper, UT (US)
Scott B. Terry, Kaysville, UT (US)
Craig K. Lyon, West Jordan, UT (US)
Assignee L3 Technologies, Inc., New York, NY (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,693,884

20. A method for managing secure network communications by an end-point, the method comprising:communicating, to a controller, a unique hardware identifier that is associated with a first end-point and a device profile from the first end-point, wherein the device profile indicates the first device that is in direct communication with the first end-point;
receiving, at the controller, the unique hardware identifier and the device profile from the first end-point that is in communication with a network;
determining, at the controller, that the unique hardware identifier is present within a mission profile, wherein the mission profile comprises an indication of a second end-point to which the first-endpoint is allowed to communicate;
communicating to the first end-point a first encryption key that is uniquely matched to a decryption key privately held by the second end-point and a first translation profile that comprises instructions for communicating over a particular hardware adaptor with the first device;
receiving from the controller the first encryption key and the translation profile;
receiving device data from a first device in direct communication with the first end-point;
generating translated device data from the device data using the translation profile, wherein the translated device data is translated into a software language that is understandable by the controller; and
communicating the translated device data to the second end-point, wherein the device data is encrypted using the first encryption key.